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Rectangle-shaped Soiree Leather Bag with Vibrant Cross-Stitch Hand-Embroidery and Metal Chain Strap (26x15 cm), Half Inlay

Rectangle-shaped Soiree Leather Bag with Vibrant Cross-Stitch Hand-Embroidery and Metal Chain Strap (26x15 cm), Half Inlay

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Elevate your fashion style with the exquisite Rectangle-shaped Soiree Leather Bag, meticulously crafted in Gaza, Palestine. This fusion of DMC Cross Stitching artistry features a rectangular shape with a vibrant half inlay design, adding a burst of color and cultural richness to your wardrobe. Created by skilled artisans, women, and girls, with the finishing touches completed in small workshops, this leather bag seamlessly merges fashion and culture, making it a luxury hand-embroidered accessory.

Discover the Features:

  • Chic Cross-Stitch Embroidery: The vibrant DMC Cross Stitching in red forms an elegant rectangle shape, creating a unique and elegant look. Every stitch reflects the skill and dedication of Palestinian artisans.
  • Masterpiece in Thread: This leather bag is a masterpiece of thread, transforming it into a work of art that resonates with the rich tradition of Palestinian craftsmanship.
  • Ample and Flexible Space: Designed for special events, the Soiree Bag offers ample and flexible space for your essentials. The expandable design ensures you have room for everything you need.
  • Internal Pockets: Stay organized with two internal pockets featuring zippers. Safely store your valuables without compromising on style.
  • Metal Chain Strap: The bag comes with a long metal chain strap, offering versatile carrying options. Customize your style further by adding a leather strap for an extra charge.

The Perfect Companion:

  • Lightweight and Portable: Weighing only 0.7 lb, this leather bag is designed for comfort and portability. Make a bold fashion statement with ease.
  • Unique Gifts: Gift a piece of Palestinian heritage. This hand-embroidered leather bag is a unique and culturally rich present for someone special.
  • Create a Set: Explore the array of Tatreez patterns and colors. Combine this bag with matching wallets, straps, purses, mirrors, and other embroidered items to create a cohesive and stunning set.

Unveil the Heritage:

  • Made in Gaza, Palestine: Crafted by skilled artisans, women, and girls in Gaza, this leather bag reflects the enduring legacy of Palestinian craftsmanship.
  • Cultural Significance: Every stitch tells a story, echoing the history, resilience, stories, customs, and traditions of the Palestinian people.


  • Length: 26 cm (10.2 inches)
  • Width: 15 cm (5.9 inches)


  • Approximately 0.7 lb (0.3 kg)

Material: DMC Embroidery Floss/Thread; High-Quality Synthetic Leather; High-Quality Metal Accessories, Zippers, and Fabrics.

Elevate your ensemble with the vibrant and elegant Rectangle-shaped Soiree Leather Bag, where tradition meets contemporary style.

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