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Handmade Mosaic Wood Folded Chess Board - Small - Black, L25W13H2 cm

Handmade Mosaic Wood Folded Chess Board - Small - Black, L25W13H2 cm

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Experience the timeless elegance of our Folded Mosaic Wooden Chess Board, featuring a classic design adorned with a vibrant mosaic pattern. This beautifully handcrafted chess board provides the perfect backdrop for challenging your strategic prowess and immersing yourself in the ancient game. This exquisite chess board is will enchant chess enthusiasts and collectors alike.


  • Size Options: Choose from four sizes to match your playing style and preferences.
    • Small (L25W13H2 cm, 1.32 lbs / 0.6 kg)
    • Medium (L33W16H3 cm, 2.65 lbs / 1.2 kg)
    • Large (L38W19H3 cm, 3.41 lbs / 1.55 kg)
    • Extra Large (L45W22H3 cm, 4.85 lbs / 2.2 kg)
  • Color Variety: This chess board is available in four vibrant colors:
    • Classic Red
    • Sleek Black
    • Earthy Green
    • Tranquil Blue
  • Materials: Crafted with care using high-quality wood, ensuring both durability and an artistic touch.
  • Note: The metal chess pieces shown in the photos are sold separately and are available at Aswaq's physical and online stores.

Elevate your chess-playing experience with a touch of artistry. Whether you're a chess enthusiast or a collector, this board's blend of intellect and craftsmanship makes it a unique addition to your collection. The choice of size and color allows you to express your style while immersing yourself in the game.

At Aswaq, we understand that the simplest things can be transformed into works of art. Embrace this classical chess board and experience the synergy of intellect, strategy, and craftsmanship.

Explore this classic chess board, available in various sizes and vibrant colors, at Aswaq. It's where fine craftsmanship and cultural treasures come together.

Please note: Due to the artisanal nature of these boards, patterns and colors may vary slightly, adding to their unique charm.

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