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Handmade Handmade Decorative Ceramic Pot (Ibriq) 27cm

Handmade Handmade Decorative Ceramic Pot (Ibriq) 27cm

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Introducing our Handmade Decorative Ceramic Pot (Ibriq), featuring a stylish teapot shape and standing at a sophisticated 27 cm (10.6 in) tall, with a weight of 1.1 lb (0.5 kg). Crafted with precision in the artisanal workshops of Kutahya, Turkey, this exquisite ceramic piece is a true embodiment of Turkish artistry and cultural excellence.


  • Height: 27 cm (10.6 in)
  • Weight: 1.1 lb (0.5 kg)

Available Colors: Choose from an array of vibrant colors, styles, and patterns to suit your individual taste and preferences.

Turkish Artistry: Experience the exceptional skills and cultural excellence of Turkish artisans with this handcrafted ceramic pot. Created in the heart of Kutahya, Turkey, this piece reflects the rich cultural heritage and unwavering commitment to artisanal mastery, turning every meal into a cultural celebration.

Splash of Colors: Immerse yourself in a kaleidoscope of eye-catching vibrant hues, including blues, greens, reds, oranges, and more. The unique patterns add a touch of sophistication to any culinary experience.

Functional Beauty: More than just a pot, this ceramic Ibriq is a functional and artistic addition to your home décor. Elevate your living space with its charming teapot shape while enjoying the practicality of a stylish and versatile pot.

Unique Gifts: Looking for a distinctive gift? Our Handmade Decorative Ceramic Pot is a thoughtful choice. Its unique design and cultural significance make it a memorable and cherished present.

Create a Stunning Set: Mix and match with other decorative items in the same pattern and color to curate a stunning collection. Transform your space into a gallery of Turkish artistry with a cohesive and harmonious set.

Please Note: Every item in the Turkish Ceramics collection is a unique creation, sharing common colors and artistic patterns. For online orders, the item received might slightly differ from the photo. If you have specific preferences, please reach out to Aswaq to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Elevate your dining experience with the timeless beauty of Turkish craftsmanship.

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