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Handmade Ceramic Canister with Lid D9H12

Handmade Ceramic Canister with Lid D9H12

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Elevate your kitchen decor with the Handmade Ceramic Canister with Lid, a charming creation that radiates the artistry of Hebron, Palestine. Meticulously crafted by skilled artisans, this canister, with a diameter of approximately 9 cm (3.5 inches), and a height of 12 cm (4.7 inches), weighs just 0.32 kg (0.7 lb). It's a delightful addition that seamlessly marries functionality with cultural significance.

Palestinian Craftsmanship: Immerse yourself in the rich artistic heritage of Hebron, Palestine, as each detail of the Handmade Ceramic Canister with Lid reflects the dedication and precision of skilled artisans. Handcrafted and hand-painted, this canister is a testament to the beauty and tradition of the region.

A Touch of Elegance: The canister boasts a unique and elegant design, offering a touch of sophistication to your kitchen. The combination of craftsmanship and aesthetics makes it a statement piece that elevates your kitchen decor.

Functional Beauty: Beyond its visual appeal, this canister is a versatile storage solution for your kitchen essentials. Use it to store coffee, tea bags, herbs, sugar, or any other treats. The well-fitted lid ensures the freshness and integrity of your stored items. Place it on your coffee or dining table to add a radiant charm that makes your space shine.

Food-Safe and Practical: The Handmade Ceramic Canister with Lid is not only visually pleasing but also 100% food-safe. Confidently use it to store and serve various kitchen essentials. While it is dishwasher friendly, we recommend gentle care to preserve its handmade and hand-painted features.

Unique and Meaningful Gift: Searching for a unique and meaningful gift? Look no further. This canister, with its handmade craftsmanship and cultural significance, makes for a cherished present for various occasions.

Create a Coordinated Look: Pair this canister with other items from the same collection to create a coordinated and harmonious look in your kitchen. Mix and match colors and patterns to express your personal style and appreciation for Palestinian craftsmanship.

Product Dimensions:

  • Diameter: 9 cm (3.5 inches)
  • Height: 12 cm (4.7 inches)

Product Weight: Approximately 0.32 kg (0.7 lb)

The Handmade Ceramic Canister with Lid from Hebron, Palestine, adds a touch of art and culture to your kitchen. Whether used to store coffee, tea bags, herbs, sugar, or other treats, it not only enhances your kitchen functionality but also brings a radiant charm to your coffee or dining table.

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