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Handmade Mosaic Wood Chess Board with Internal Storage - Medium, L28H6 cm

Handmade Mosaic Wood Chess Board with Internal Storage - Medium, L28H6 cm

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Product Specification:


  • Type: Wooden Chess Board
  • Design: Mosaic
  • Storage: Internal storage for chess pieces
  • Dimensions: Length (L) 28 cm x Height (H) 6 cm
  • Weight: 2.866 lbs (approximately 1.3 kg)
  • Chess Pieces: Sold separately
  • Availability: In-store at Aswaq's physical location and online store


Elevate your chess game to new heights with our beautifully handcrafted Mosaic Wooden Chess Board. This elegant board is not just a game board; it's a work of art that combines functionality with exquisite craftsmanship. Its stunning mosaic design, featuring intricate patterns and shapes, is a testament to the dedication of skilled artisans.

Key Features:

  • Stunning Mosaic Design: The board's surface is adorned with a mosaic of vibrant patterns, adding a touch of elegance to your chess matches.
  • Internal Storage: The chess board features convenient internal storage for chess pieces, ensuring that your chessmen are always within reach.
  • Dimensions: With a length of 28 cm and a height of 6 cm, this chess board provides ample space for comfortable gameplay.
  • Weight: Weighing approximately 2.866 lbs (1.3 kg), the board is sturdy and portable, making it suitable for both home and travel.
  • Chess Pieces: The metal chess pieces seen in photos are sold separately. You can find these pieces in-store at Aswaq's physical location or online.

Quality and Craftsmanship: Our mosaic wooden chess board is handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail. Skilled artisans create each piece with love and passion, ensuring it's not only functional but also a true work of art. The craftsmanship reflects the rich traditions and cultural heritage of the region.

Versatility: This chess board isn't just for play; it's a conversation starter and a beautiful addition to your home decor. It's perfect for both casual games and competitive matches.

Perfect Gift: Looking for an exceptional gift? The Mosaic Wooden Chess Board is an ideal choice for chess enthusiasts, art lovers, and anyone who appreciates quality craftsmanship.

Note: While the metal chess pieces in the product photos are for illustrative purposes, they are sold separately and are available at Aswaq's physical and online stores.

Enhance your chess experience and add a touch of artistry to your life with our Mosaic Wooden Chess Board. Get ready to make your move in style!

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